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Following Mechdyne's webinar "Virtual Reality Technology for SMART Manufacturing" this past spring, we received a lot of requests to dive deeper into the technical aspects of virtual reality (VR) for SMART manufacturing.


Take a closer look at the ways virtual reality adds value to an organization’s manufacturing workflow from design through service and training. Mechdyne senior solutions consultant, Jeff Brum, talks through:

  • VR defined and display options
  • The value of motion tracking
  • Converting CAD into VR
  • Implementation considerations
  • Use cases and return on investment

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Presenter Information

Jeff Brum

Senior Solutions Consultant

Jeff Brum

Jeff Brum focuses on establishing business relationships and completely understanding clients’ needs, market climate, and requirements to define unique solutions.  Jeff’s 11-year history with Mechdyne began as a senior marketing and global business development manager. Today, Jeff offers knowledge and technical resources that enable clients’ business needs. Prior to Mechdyne, his experience at virtual reality company Fakespace Systems ranged from product management and marketing to technical sales and support. Currently, Jeff develops and supports clients from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, where Mechdyne’s Global Technical Services division resides.




Certified Technology Specialist (CTS); Enterprise Process Redesign Certification; Net Promoter Certification; Master Product Data Management; Coaching Certification